U18 International Player Records



Baillie.N. Friends 1989 F.A.I.S. , Aust. , Scot.
Bradley .J. St.Columbs Col. 1989 F.A.I.S. , Aust. , Scot.
Brown.A. St.Malachy’s 1989 F.A.I.S.
Calvin.J. Portadown Col. 1989 F.A.I.S. , Aust. , Scot.
Crothers.P. Friends 1989 Aust. , Scot.
Crowe.M. Portadown Col. 1989 Aust. , Scot.
Hunter.J. Portadown Col. 1989 F.A.I.S. , Aust. , Scot.
Lightbody.G. Castlereagh Col. 1989 Scot.
Magee.J. Lurgan Col. 1989 F.A.I.S. , Aust.
Magill.M. St.Louis G.S. 1989 F.A.I.S. , Aust. , Scot.
Mahaffey.T. Annadale 1989 F.A.I.S.
McIldowney.R. St.MacNissis 1989 F.A.I.S. , Aust. , Scot.
McMahon.L. St.Louis G.S. 1989 Scot.
Moore.S. Castlereagh Col. 1989 F.A.I.S. , Aust.
Sillery.L. Model 1989 F.A.I.S. , Scot.
Watson.R. Newry Tech. 1989 F.A.I.S. , Scot.
Williamson.T. Portadown Col. 1989 F.A.I.S. , Aust. , Scot.
Workman.R. Ballymena Acad. 1989 F.A.I.S. , Scot.
Calvin.J. Portadown Col. 1990 F.A.I.S.
Campbell.J. Castlereagh Col. 1990 F.A.I.S.
Cree.N. Bangor Tech. 1990 F.A.I.S.
Crothers.P. Friends 1990 F.A.I.S.
Glass.P. Castle 1990 F.A.I.S.
Hamilton.S. Castlereagh Col. 1990 F.A.I.S.
Hughes.G. Newry Tech. 1990 F.A.I.S.
Hutton.P. St.Columbs Col. 1990 F.A.I.S.
Lightbody.G. Castlereagh Col. 1990 F.A.I.S.
Mallon.C. Castlereagh Col. 1990 F.A.I.S.
McIldowney.R. St.MacNissis 1990 F.A.I.S.
McMahon.L. St.Louis G.S. 1990 F.A.I.S.
Sillery.L. Model 1990 F.A.I.S.
Williamson.T. Portadown Col. 1990 F.A.I.S.
Bradley.E. St.Columbs Col. 1991 F.A.I.S.
Burrowes.M. Regent 1991 F.A.I.S.
Cusick.P. St.Joseph’s Derry 1991 F.A.I.S.
Harkin.S. St.Columbs Col. 1991 F.A.I.S.
Higgins.K. Loreto Coleraine 1991 F.A.I.S.
Hughes.G. Newry Tech 1991 F.A.I.S.
Hutton.P. St.Columbs Col. 1991 F.A.I.S.
McAllister.H. Coleraine Tech. 1991 F.A.I.S.
McDermott.K. Model 1991 F.A.I.S.
McMahon.G. Lismore� 1991 F.A.I.S.
O’Kane.K. Lismore� 1991 F.A.I.S.
Porter.R. Castlereagh Col. 1991 F.A.I.S.
Reid.S. R.B.A.I. 1991 F.A.I.S.
Bateson.M. St.Augustine’s 1992 F.A.I.S. , Aust.
Burrowes.M. Regent 1992 F.A.I.S. , Aust.
Coll.M. St.Columbs Col. 1992 F.A.I.S. , Aust.
Doherty.E. NorthWest Col. 1992 F.A.I.S.
Huxley.A. Ballyclare H.S. 1992 F.A.I.S. , Aust.
Lavery.C. St.Coleman’s Newry 1992 F.A.I.S. , Aust.
Magee.S. St.Michael’s Lurgan 1992 F.A.I.S.
McDermott.K. Model 1992 F.A.I.S. , Aust.
McGibbon.P. St.Michael’s H.S. 1992 F.A.I.S. , Aust.
McMahon.G. Lismore� 1992 F.A.I.S. , Aust.
Mohan.T. Ferm. & Western Col. 1992 F.A.I.S. , Aust.
Murphy.W. Newtownabbey Col. 1992 F.A.I.S. , Aust.
Pollock.J. Portadown Col. 1992 F.A.I.S.
Reid.S. R.B.A.I. 1992 F.A.I.S. , Aust.
Smith.L. Lismore� 1992 F.A.I.S. , Aust.
Watters.D. Newtownabbey Col. 1992 F.A.I.S.
Bailie.J. Regent 1993 F.A.I.S. , Wales
Collins.R. Methody 1993 F.A.I.S. , Wales
Cowan.J. R.B.A.I. 1993 F.A.I.S. , Wales
Essandoh.R. Castlereagh Col. 1993 Wales
Evans.P. Castlereagh Col. 1993 F.A.I.S. , Wales
Hill.J. Belfast H.S. 1993 F.A.I.S. , Wales
Magee.S. St.Michael’s Lurgan 1993 F.A.I.S. , Wales
McLean.A. Lisburn Col. 1993 F.A.I.S. , Wales
McShane.P. B.I.H.F.E. 1993 F.A.I.S. , Wales
Murphy.A. Castlereagh Col. 1993 Wales
Parker.D. Cambridge House 1993 F.A.I.S. , Wales
Philson.G. Foyle & L’Derry 1993 F.A.I.S. , Wales
Platt.D. Coleraine A.I. 1993 Wales
Smith.L. Lisburn Col� 1993 F.A.I.S. , Wales
Stranney.D. Down Col. 1993 F.A.I.S. , Wales
Stranney.P. Down Col. 1993 F.A.I.S. , Wales
Wheatley.M. Ballymena CFE 1994 F.A.I.S.
McConnell.S. Castlereagh CFE 1994 F.A.I.S.
Craig.A. Cambridge House 1994 F.A.I.S.
Greer.W. Dalriada 1994 F.A.I.S.
McCombe.A. R.B.A.I. 1994 F.A.I.S.
McKerr.C. Lurgan CFE 1994 F.A.I.S.
Crigain.S. Castlereagh CFE 1994 F.A.I.S.
Wylie.K. Ballymena CFE 1994 F.A.I.S.
McAtee.J. St.Malachy’s Col. 1994 F.A.I.S.
McCallion.T. St.Columb’s Col. 1994 F.A.I.S.
Crooks.A. Grosvenor 1994 F.A.I.S.
Nixon.A. Regent House 1994 F.A.I.S.
Hall.D. Ballyclare H.S. 1994 F.A.I.S.
Morgan.C. B.I.F.H.E. 1994 F.A.I.S.
Patton.D. ColeraineA.I. 1994 F.A.I.S.
Booth.G. Castlereagh CFE 1995 Wales,F.A.I.S.,Scot.
Corr.J. St.Pats. Acad. Dungannon 1995 Scot
Davis.I. Fivemiletown H.S. 1995 Scot
Fulton.G. St.Malachy’s Col. 1995 Wales,F.A.I.S.,Scot.
Gough.A. Upp. Bann Inst. 1995 Wales,F.A.I.S.,Scot.
Henry.D. Boys Model 1995 Scot
Herron.K. Limavady G.S. 1995 Wales,F.A.I.S.,Scot.
Larkin.C. N.E.Inst.FHE 1995 Wales,F.A.I.S.,Scot.
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McCallion.T. St.Columb’s Col. 1995 Wales,F.A.I.S.,Scot.
McGlinchey.D. La Salle 1995 Wales,F.A.I.S.,Scot.
Morrison.G. Portadown Col. 1995 F.A.I.S.,Scot.
Mullan.P. St.Pats. G.S. Dungannon 1995 Wales,F.A.I.S.,Scot.
Robinson.G. Portadown CFE 1995 F.A.I.S.,Scot.
Thompson.S. Portadown Col. 1995 Wales,F.A.I.S.,Scot.
Wheatley.M. N.E.Inst.FHE 1995 Wales,F.A.I.S.,Scot.
Spackman.A. Castlereagh CFE 1996 Wales,Scot,SW
Nixon.C. Regent House 1996 Wales,Scot,SW
Lenehan.N. Our Lady & St.Pats 1996 Wales,F.A.I.S.,Scot,SW
Fulton.G. St.Malachy’s Col. 1996 Wales,SW
Clanaghan.S. Coleraine A.I. 1996 Wales,F.A.I.S.,Scot,SW
Feeney.L. Castlereagh CFE 1996 Wales,F.A.I.S.,Scot,SW
McAtee.P. St.Malachy’s Col. 1996 Wales,F.A.I.S.,Scot,SW
Millar.K. East Antrim Inst. 1996 Wales,F.A.I.S.,Scot,SW
Kirk.A. Ashfield 1996 Wales,F.A.I.S.,SW
McGlinchey.D. La Salle 1996 Wales,F.A.I.S.,Scot,SW
Elliott.S. Ashfield 1996 Wales,F.A.I.S.,Scot,SW
Barr.S. Bangor G.S. 1996 Wales,F.A.I.S.,Scot,SW
Carson.A. Grosvenor 1996 Scot
Anderson.J. Regent House 1996 F.A.I.S.,Scot
Clarke.R. N.W.Inst.FHE 1996 F.A.I.S.,Scot
Heaney.M. Orangefield 1996 Wales,F.A.I.S.
Bowness Gary Portora 1997 Aust,F.A.I.S.,Wales,SW,A
Clarke Richard N.W. Institute 1997 Aust,F.A.I.S.,Wales,SW,A
Ferguson Michael Castlereagh CFE 1997 Aust,F.A.I.S.,Wales,SW,A
Fox Andrew Castlereagh CFE 1997 Aust,Wales,SW,A
McCormick David Larne GS 1997 Aust,F.A.I.S.,Wales,SW,A
McKinney Richard Ballymena Acad 1997 Aust,F.A.I.S.,Wales,SW,A
Massey Andrew Bangor GS 1997 Aust,F.A.I.S.,Wales,SW,A
Morrow Stephen Limavady GS 1997 Aust,F.A.I.S.,Wales,SW,A
Mullan Andrew N.W. Institute 1997 Aust,F.A.I.S.,Wales,SW,A
Murray Gareth Castlereagh CFE 1997 Aust,Wales,SW,A
Nixon Colin Regent House 1997 SW,A
O’Neill Barry Drumcree HS 1997 Aust,Wales,SW,A
Reid Barry Model Belfast 1997 Aust,F.A.I.S.
Russell Colin Armagh College 1997 Aust,F.A.I.S.,SW,A
Sterling Mark� R.B.A.I. 1997 SW,A
Tumilty Barry Banbridge Acad. 1997 Aust,F.A.I.S.,Wales,SW,A
Moore Chris Limavady GS 1997 Aust,F.A.I.S.,Wales
Hastings David E.A.I.F.E 1998 Eng,SW,Wales
Hunter Gary Causeway Inst. 1998 Eng,SW,Scot,FAIS
McAuley Damien B.I.F.H.E. 1998 Eng,SW,Scot
Feeney Cullen Castlereagh CFE 1998 Eng,SW,Scot,Wales
Rodgers Martin Larne Grammar 1998 Eng,SW,Scot,Wales,FAIS
Watson Gerard Our Lady & St.Pats 1998 Eng,SW,Scot,Wales,FAIS
Martin Aonghus Abbey Grammar 1998 Eng,SW,Scot,Wales,FAIS
McCreadie Darren St.Peter’s 1998 Eng,Scot,Wales,FAIS
Keegan Kevin Armagh College 1998 Eng,SW,Scot,Wales,FAIS
Owens Dermot St.Colman’s 1998 Eng,SW,Scot,Wales,FAIS
McCourt Donal Armagh College 1998 Eng,SW,Scot,Wales,FAIS
Kerr Matthew St.Louis 1998 SW,Scot,FAIS
Moffett Glen Castlereagh CFE 1998 SW,Scot,Wales,FAIS
Hunter Martin Castlereagh CFE 1998 SW
Taggart Glen E.A.I.F.E 1998 SW,Wales
McAuley Gareth B.I.F.H.E. 1998 SW,Scot,Wales,FAIS
Wilkinson Gareth Belfast High 1998 Wales,FAIS
Gilbert Jonathan St.Michael’s Lurgan 1999 E,FAIS,S,W
McDonald Damien Limavady FE 1999 E,W
Turley John St.Pats Downpatrick 1999 E,FAIS,S,W
Wilkinson Gareth Belfast High 1999 E,FAIS,S,W
Lynch Conor St.Columb’s 1999 E,FAIS,S,W
McGarry Colm O.L.& St. Pats 1999 E,FAIS,S,W
Gray Joe St.Columb’s 1999 E,W
McCluskey Ryan Fermanagh FE 1999 E,FAIS,S
Martin Rossa Abbey Grammar 1999 E,FAIS,S,W
Hillis Gordon Ashfield 1999 E,FAIS,S,W
McCann Marc Armagh FE 1999 E,FAIS,S,W
McCloskey Kevin La Salle 1999 E,FAIS,S,W
Kerr Russell Ballymena FE 1999 E,FAIS,S
Taggart Glenn E.A.I.F.E 1999 E,FAIS,W
Gilmore Gavin Cullybackey 1999 FAIS
Anderson Kristopher Limavady 1999 awarded cap unofficially
Duffin Ciaran St. Louis 1999 S,W
Close Brian La Salle 1999 S,W
Gilbert Jonathan St.Michaels 2000 Aust,E,S,FAIS
Mannus Alan Wellington Col. 2000 W,FAIS
Mackle Chris Armagh FE 2000 Aust,E,S,W,FAIS
Dickson Hugh Downpatrick FE 2000 Aust,E,S,W,FAIS
Donaghy Ciaran O.L.& St. Pats 2000 Aust,E,S,W,FAIS
McDonald Damien Limavady FE 2000 Aust,E,S,W,FAIS
Magowan Neil Regent 2000 Aust,E,S,W,FAIS
McGuickin Paul St.Malachy’s 2000 Aust , injured for rest
McConkey Mark Portora 2000 Aust,E,FAIS
McLaughlin Damien East Antrim FE 2000 Aust,E,S,W,FAIS
Monaghan Noel St. Mary’s Belfast 2000 S,W,FAIS
McManus Michael La Salle 2000 Aust,W,FAIS
Baillie Daniel Bangor FE 2000 Aust,S,W
Boyle Chris Craigavon S High 2000 Aust
McVeigh Aidan Drumcree HS 2000 E,S,W,FAIS
Hughes Mark St.Pats Dungannon 2000 Aust,E,S,W,FAIS
Smith Andrew Armagh FE 2000 E,S,W,FAIS
Millar Philip Ballyclare High 2000 E,S,W,FAIS
Campbell Stephen Castlederg High 2000 sub against Wales
Ramsey Gary St.Peter’s Derry 2001
Campbell Chris East Antrim Institute 2001
Kane Kieran East Antrim Institute 2001
Mallon Brian St.Patrick’s GS Armagh 2001
Lowry Conor Model 2001
McAlinden David Model 2001
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Crean Mark Fermanagh College 2001
Love Alan Omagh College 2001
Hamilton Andrew Wallace High 2001
Ward Jonathan East Antrim Institute 2001
Scullion David St.Michael’s Lurgan 2001
Burns Ronald East Antrim Institute 2001
Smith Andrew Armagh College 2001
McCreadie Kevin Templemore HS 2001
Crilly Paul East Tyrone College 2001
Anderson Tony St.Malachy’s College 2001
McGinley Eddie Rathmore GS 2001
McKee Aaron North Down College 2001
Bunting Luke Friends GS 2001
Magowan David Regent House 2001
Smyth Patrick St. Joseph’s Belfast 2001
Breen Chris St.Michael’s Enniskillen 2002 E,W,NZ,FAIS,Is(2)
McAteer Paul Castlereagh College 2002 S
Hughes Paul East Antrim Institute 2002 FAIS,Is(2)
Scoltock Mark St.Columb’s College 2002 E,Is(2)
Magowan David Regent House 2002 E,S,W,NZ,FAIS,Is(2)
Handford Ross Ballymena Acad. 2002 E,S,W,NZ,FAIS
McAlinden David Model 2002 E,S,W,NZ,FAIS,Is(2)
Mallon Brian St.Patrick’s GS Armagh 2002 W,NZ,FAIS
McBride Declan St.Joseph’s Derry 2002 E,S,Is
Forsythe Andrew East Antrim Institute 2002 S,NZ,FAIS,Is(2)
Rogan Kyle St.Colman’s Ballynahinch 2002 S,Fais,Is(2)
Watson Albert Ulidia Int. Carrick 2002 Is
McAlinden Michael Model 2002 Is
Long Gary Regent House 2002 Is
Best Stuart Bangor Grammar 2002 Is
Hamilton Andrew Wallace High 2002 E,S,W,NZ,Is
McMenamin Jim La Salle 2002 E,S,W,NZ,FAIS,Is(2)
McLaughlin Gareth Dalriada 2002 E,S,W,NZ,FAIS,Is
Hegarty Michael St.Columb’s College 2002 E,W,FAIS,Is(2)
Miskelly Marcus O.L.& St. Pats Belfast 2002 E,W,NZ,Is(2)
Ward Sean La Salle 2002 W,NZ,FAIS,Is(2)
Deery Kevin St.Peter’s Derry 2002 S,NZ
McNamee Darren La Salle 2002 Is
Turley Chris Corpus Christi 2002 Is
Forker Paul St.Patrick’s Dungannon 2002 E,S,W,NZ,FAIS,Is
Hamilton Mark Lurgan College 2002 E,S,W,NZ,FAIS,Is(2)
Mullan Gareth N.W. Institute 2002 E,NZ
Harbinson Stephen La Salle 2003 S
Henry Kevin Newry High 2003 S,W,FAIS,E
Craig Philip Killycomaine 2003 S,W,FAIS,E
Watson Albert East Antrim FE 2003 S,W,FAIS,E
Handford Ross Ballymena Academy 2003 S,W,FAIS,E
McMullan Ciaran St. Malachy’s 2003 S,W,FAIS,E
McAuley Robert Erne Integrated 2003 S
Murtagh Conall Aquinas 2003 S,W,FAIS,E
Clarke Richard Castlederg High 2003 S,FAIS
Keenan Paul St. Paul�s, Bessbrook 2003 S,W,FAIS,E
Mooney Calvin Templemore HS 2003 S,W,FAIS,E
Johnson Noel Omagh CBS 2003 S,W,FAIS,E
McDowell Kyle Downshire 2003 S,W,E
Kerr Michael St. Josephs 2003 S,W,FAIS,E
Mannus Ian Wellington Col. 2003 E
Tinney Niall St. Michael’s Enniskillen 2003 W,FAIS
Morrow Chris Newtownabbey Com. 2003 W,FAIS
McKee David Rainey 2003 FAIS,E
Wilton David Banbridge Acad. 2004 S,FAIS,E
McCormick Lawrence North Coast Integrated 2004 NZ
Watson Aidan East Down Institute 2004 DNP. Injured full season
Cleary Andrew Malone College 2004 S,FAIS,NZ,E
Watson Albert East Antrim FE 2004 S,FAIS,E
Simpson Philip Knockbreda 2004 S,FAIS,NZ
Power Damien St.� Columbs 2004 S,FAIS,NZ,E
Coates Colin Grosvenor 2004 injured full season
McGrath Ian Monkstown 2004 S,FAIS,NZ,E
Morrow Chris Newtownabbey Com. 2004 S,FAIS,E
Bell James Castlereagh College 2004 S,FAIS,NZ,E
Clarke Richard Castlederg High 2004 S,FAIS,E
Gargan Ciaran Corpus Christi 2004 S,FAIS,NZ
Lawless Ryan St. Michael’s Lurgan 2004 FAIS,NZ,E
Waterworth Andrew St. Colmcilles 2004 S,FAIS,NZ,E
Robinson Marty De La Salle 2004 S,FAIS,E
Johnston Noel Omagh CBS 2004 S,FAIS,NZ,E
McCordick Scott Tandragee 2004 S,FAIS,NZ,E
Heneghan Sean St. Josephs Coleraine 2004 NZ
Conlon Paul Corpus Christi 2004 NZ,E
O’Connor Michael Corpus Christi 2004 NZ
Campbell David St.� Columbs 2004 NZ
Ferry Eugene St. Josephs Derry 2004 sub against England
Armstrong, David Lisburn Institute 2005 J(2),E,S,FAIS
Black, Ross Ballymena F.E. College 2005 J
Braniff, James Corpus Christi College 2005 J(2),FAIS
Conlon, Paul Corpus Christi College 2005 S
Garrett, Stephen Grosvenor 2005 J(2),E,S,FAIS
Grattan, William East Antrim Institute 2005 J(2)
Heneghan, Sean St Joseph’s Coleraine 2005 J(2),E,S,FAIS
Hogg, Aaron Grosvenor 2005 J(2),E,S,FAIS
Kane, Ryan East Antrim Institute 2005 J(2),S,FAIS
Lowry, Stephen Limavady Grammar 2005
McCordick, Scott Armagh F.E. College 2005 J(2),E,S,FAIS
McDowell, Paul Belfast Boys Model 2005 E,S
McIvor, Paul St Mary’s Limavady 2005 S,FAIS
McVea, Tennant Regent House 2005 J,E,S,FAIS
Melly, Dominic East Antrim Institute 2005 J(2),E,FAIS
Montgomery, Jonny Ballyclare High�School 2005 J(2),E,FAIS
Reid, Allen Ashfield Boys’ 2005 J(2),E,S,FAIS
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Simpson, Philip Castlereagh College 2005 J(2),E,S,FAIS
Spratt, Peter Causeway Institute 2005 J(2),E,S,FAIS
Wardman, Damien St Michael’s Enniskillen 2005 J
Watson, Aidan East Down Institute 2005 J(2),E,S,FAIS
Watterson, Jonathan Sullivan Upper School 2005 DNP
Weir, Robbie Monkstown 2005 J(2),E
Berry, Ryan Wellington College 2006 Aus, E, FAIS
Boyd, Ciaran St. Malachy�s College 2006 J
Ferguson, Andrew Grosvenor Grammar 2006 Aus, J(2)
Finnegan, Stephen St. Patrick’s Keady 2006 Aus, J(2), E, S, FAIS
Gardiner, Jaime Lurgan F.E. College 2006 Aus, J(2), S, FAIS
Grattan, William East Antrim Institute 2006 Aus
Hogg, Aaron Grosvenor Grammar 2006 Aus, J, E, FAIS
Hope, Patrick La Salle 2006 J(2), E, S
Kane, Ryan East Antrim Institute 2006 Aus, J(2), E, S, FAIS
Liggett, Gary Lurgan F.E. College 2006 Aus, J(2), E, S, FAIS
McCaffrey, Adrian Sacred Heart College 2006 Aus
McConaghie, Gareth Ballymoney F.E. College 2006 J, FAIS
McCusker, Aaron Aquinas Grammar 2006 Aus, J(2), E
McGaharan, Chris La Salle 2006 Aus, J(2), E, S, FAIS
McIvor, Paul Limavady F.E. College 2006 Aus, J(2)
McSorley, Johnny Armagh F.E. College 2006 Aus, J(2), E, S
McVea, Tennant Regent House 2006 Aus, E, S, FAIS
O’Neill, Sean B.I.F.H.E. 2006 Aus, J, S
Patton, Gordon Coleraine High School 2006 S, FAIS
Reid, Allen Ashfield 2006 Aus, J(2), E
Smyth, Aaron C.B.S. Glen Road 2006 E, S, FAIS
Stafford, Mark Portora Royal 2006 Aus, J(2), E, S
Tumelty, Ryan Bangor F.E. College 2006 J(2), E, S, FAIS
Wright, James Model 2006 J, S
Berry, Ryan Wellington College 2007 NZ, FAIS
Bowers, Jonathan Castlereagh College 2007 E, FAIS
Boyd, Ciaran St Malachy�s College 2007 NZ, J(2), S, E
Burke, Fearghal La Salle 2007 NZ, J(2), S, E
Burns, Billy Joe Corpus Christi College 2007 NZ
Cooling, Mark North Down Institute 2007 J(2), S, E, FAIS
Curran, Ian Abbey C.B.S. 2007 J(2), E, FAIS
Cushley, David Model 2007 J(2), E, FAIS
Ferguson, Andrew Grosvenor Grammar 2007 NZ, J(2), S, E, FAIS
Ferry, Eugene St Joseph�s Derry 2007 NZ, J(2), S, E, FAIS
Flaherty, Richard Erne Integrated College 2007 NZ, J(2), S, E, FAIS
Flynn, Jonathan St Colm�s Twinbrook 2007 NZ, J(2), S, E, FAIS
Harney, Tim C.B.S. Omagh 2007 NZ
Higginbotham, Darren Portora Royal 2007 NZ, J(2), S, E
Hope, Patrick La Salle 2007 NZ, J(2), S, E, FAIS
Hutchinson, Grant Portora Royal 2007 NZ, J(2), S, E, FAIS
McClelland, Mark East Antrim Institute 2007 J(2), S, E, FAIS
McGaharan, Chris La Salle 2007 NZ
McGarvey, Ryan North West Institute 2007 NZ, J(2), FAIS
O’Neill, David St. Mary�s CBGS 2007 DNP
Patton, Gordon Coleraine College 2007 NZ, J, S
Smith, Michael Belfast High 2007 NZ, J(2), S, E, FAIS
Wright, James Model 2007 J(2), S, E
Atkinson, Niall St. Mary’s C.B.G.S 2008 S
Bannon , Jason Edmund Rice College 2008 J(2), FAIS, W
Burke, Thomas St. Peter’s Derry 2008 J(2), E, FAIS, S, W
Coleman, Chris Lismore 2008 Aus, J, FAIS, W
Curtis, Colum St. Mary’s C.B.G.S 2008 Aus, J, E, FAIS, S, W
Ferry, Sean Holy Cross Strabane 2008 Aus, J(2)
Fisher, Paul Edmund Rice College 2008 Aus, J(2)
Haire, Aaron St. Michael’s Lurgan 2008 Aus, J(2), E, FAIS, S, W
Hall, Andrew Belfast High School 2008 Aus, J(2), E, FAIS, S, W
Hamilton, Martin St. Brigid’s College 2008 Aus, J(2), E, FAIS, S, W
Hutchinson, Grant Portora Royal 2008 Aus, J(2), E, S, W
McAdam, Kris Portadown College 2008 Aus, FAIS, W
McAuley, Darren Immaculate Conception 2008
McDaid, David St.Peter’s Derry 2008 Aus, E, FAIS, S, W
McGarel, Andrew Larne Grammar 2008 J, S
McKinney, Adam Northern Regional College 2008 Aus, J(2), E, FAIS, S, W
McLaughlin, Conor St. Mary’s C.B.G.S 2008 Aus
Murphy, Niall St. Patrick’s College 2008 FAIS, S, W
Nicell, Mark St. Columbs College 2008 Aus, J(2), E, S, W
Quinn, Matthew Devenish College 2008 Aus, E, W
Redman, Ross Portadown College 2008 Aus, J, E, FAIS, W
Rooney, Matthew St. Malachy’s College 2008 J(2)
Sharkey, Seamus St.Peter’s Derry 2008 Aus, E, FAIS, S
Steele, Peter St. Comgall’s Larne 2008 S, W
Stewart, Samuel Portadown College 2008 Aus, J(2), E, FAIS, W
Thompson, Gary Downpatrick FE College 2008 Aus, J(2), E, FAIS, S, W
Boyce, Liam St Mary�s CBGS Belfast 2009 NZ, FAIS(2), S, E, W
Branagan, Jarlath St Malachy�s Castlewellan 2009 J, S
Burns, Ryan Corpus Christi College 2009 FAIS, J, S, E, W
Callacher, Jimmy Belfast Metropolitan College 2009 NZ, FAIS(2), J, S, E, W
Deane, Conor NWRC Derry 2009 FAIS(2), J, S, E, W
Devine, Daniel De La Salle 2009 J, FAIS
Devlin, Andy North West Regional College Derry 2009 NZ, FAIS(2), S, E, W
Dooley, Stephen Loreto College 2009 NZ, FAIS(2), S, E, W
Harkness, Marc South West Regional College 2009 NZ, FAIS, J
Haughey, Mark St Colman�s College 2009 NZ, S, E, W
Henderson, Darren North West Regional College Limavady 2009 J
Hill, Craig Portora Royal 2009 NZ, FAIS(2), J, E, W
Lynas, Scott North East Regional College 2009 NZ, FAIS(2), J, E
McCauley, Darren St Columb�s College 2009 NZ, FAIS(2), E, W
McCullough, Scott Southern Regional College 2009 J
McElwee, Aaron Holy Cross College Strabane 2009 NZ, FAIS, S, E, W
McInnes, Dean NWRC Limavady 2009 J, W
McNulty, Damien NWRC Derry 2009 NZ, FAIS(2), J, E, W
McParland, Gavin St. Patrick’s Keady 2009 NZ, FAIS, E, W
Millar, Kirk Model 2009 NZ
Morgan, Niall St Patrick�s Dungannon 2009 NZ, FAIS(2), S, E, W
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Peden, James Loreto College 2009 FAIS(2), S
Taylor, Graeme NWRC Derry 2009 J, S, FAIS, E, W
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